The Sabal Trail interstate pipeline project is a 600-mile natural gas pipeline that will originate in the western part of Alabama move through southern Georgia, and ultimately slices through the central spine of Florida.

The purpose of the Sabal Trail pipeline project is to bring large volumes of natural gas through Florida for energy production. A pipeline of this size will require the acquisition of a significant amount of right of way through Alabama, Georgia and Florida. The upper portion of the project originates in Alabama, runs through Georgia and terminates in Central Florida and will be constructed by Sabal Trail Transmission.

The lower portion of the project begins at the Central Florida Hub and continues south into Martin County. This part of the project is being constructed as the Florida Southeast Connection.

Sabal Trail is conducting the surveys because the project corridor has not yet been firmly established.

The study corridor is a 600-foot wide swath. It is the path in which the pipeline and related structures will be built. Pipeline structures may be an underground pipe or they may be an aboveground structure that has valves to blow-off natural gas and water.

You may have been contacted and discussed the pipeline project with a representative of Sabal Trail or the Florida Southeast Connection.

As a landowner, you have rights.